Information about accessing The Information Literacy Tool
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TILT (The Information Literacy Tool) is a self-paced tutorial that teaches basic research skills, including identifying appropriate information sources, how to search library databases and the Internet, how to properly cite information that you use in your research, and how to avoid plagiarism. The 3 Modules are customized to teach the user about some of the most important Calhoun Library online resources.

Anyone can access this Web Based version of TILT through the link at the bottom of this page but you will not be able to access the Assessments or the Evaluation mentioned in TILT.  Assessments for the 3 Modules and the short Evaluation are available only in ORI 105 and 110 courses inside Blackboard.

When you have completed Module 1, close the browser and proceed to Module 2, then conclude with Module 3.

If you have questions, please contact a Calhoun librarian:
Reference, Library, Huntsville - 256-890-4777
Reference, Library, Decatur - 256-306-2777

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