Troubleshooting Tips

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1.       Be sure you are on the Calhoun Library Web page when you start: or

2.     When prompted for a Log In, enter your Username (C Number) and Password (last name). Your last name is your Password. The Password is not case sensitive.

 3.       What if I don't know my C Number? Neither Admissions staff nor Library staff is permitted to give a student his or her C Number over the telephone. Students will be given their C Number in person with a picture ID in the Admissions Office.

4.       Why was I able to access the databases last semester but not this semester? Access is for authorized users only. Only currently enrolled Calhoun students and current employees, full time and adjunct, have remote access to online databases through the Library Web site.

Students who are not currently enrolled this semester can access the Alabama Virtual Library databases through the AVL Web site that is geo-authenticated and found at: Students not currently enrolled at Calhoun will have access to Alabama Virtual Library databases but not those licensed by Calhoun Community College.

5.       Why do I get the following message? This is loginbu.htm from the docs subdirectory. This file is sent if the username/password provided is not valid.

If you get this 'error' message you are not in the authentication file of currently enrolled students and current employees. If you are currently enrolled or currently employed by Calhoun, you should email ( and report the error message. Include your C Number in the email. This will help the librarian to find you quickly to verify current enrollment/employment status, and add you to the remote access file of currently enrolled students and employees. You can also telephone the Library reference desk during operating hours: Brewer Library, 256-306-2777 and Huntsville Campus Library, 256-890-4777.

6.       I am a 'dual enrollment' student. Do I have access to online databases and eBooks offered through the Calhoun Library Web site? Yes, however, not until you are registered and entered into the institution's Banner system do you appear in the file of currently enrolled students. Dual enrollment students have remote access only after registration for class (es) is completed, which can take several weeks. Librarians cannot manually enter you in the file for remote access to databases until you are first entered into the Banner system by the Admissions/Dual Enrollment staff.

7.       If you are not able to access one database vendor, try another. For example, try EBSCOhost and ProQuest. If you can access one database vendor and not another, then you know you are in the file of currently enrolled students that is used to authenticate access to authorized users.

8.       If you are getting a "failed authentication" error message, is AOL your Internet provider? Some AOL users may experience difficulty accessing certain online resources. AOL users should minimize the AOL browser and use Internet Explorer or another Internet browser to access the database.

9.       Do you use Norton's Suite of security programs? If you use Norton's Suite of security programs you may find it necessary to disable Pop-up Blocker and Privacy Control.

10.      Your Internet Explorer privacy settings may be set too high.  Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Internet Options". Click the "Privacy" tab and make sure your settings are "medium" or lower.

11.       Are you running automatic updates for your Internet Explorer (or other browser), Windows, virus or security software?

Automatic updates can change your privacy settings or even your firewall settings by re-setting them without your knowledge. This could be why you may have gone through all of these steps before and been able to access the databases one day, and then cannot access them the next day. Several security programs running at the same time can also stop your browser from accessing certain Web sites.

12.       What are the minimum browser requirements for EBSCO Interfaces?

EBSCO Browser Requirements   

13.  For additional help, please contact a librarian at:   

Brewer Library, Decatur Campus – 256-306-2777

Huntsville Campus Library – 256-890-4777

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