Evaluating Internet Resources

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Evaluating Internet Resources


Who is the Author of this Webpage or Website?  Is it an individual, a group (individuals), company (.com), organization (.org) and/or institution?  Is there contact information for the author such as email, address, phone number? If not, the information is useless. 


How current is this information, when was the last time this particular Webpage or Website updated? For example: Medicine and technology change so often; it is safe to say that a site providing medical and technological information that is over one year old is not current.


Is this information accurate (trustworthiness)?  There must be solid evidence to validate the information.  Compare it with information from scholarly research from online databases as well as information obtain from other Websites.


Is this information objective?  Is it critically one-sided, or an opinion (not based on facts and research)?  Examples may include but not limited to propaganda, politics, religion and/or complete ideological bias. Without objectivity, we only have subjectivity.

Gerald Jackson, Head Librarian

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To help you assess Internet resources, we have created two evaluation sheets:

  • A basic evaluation asks general questions about your Internet resource (pdf)
  • A detailed evaluation asks more specific questions about your Internet resource, including its use of charts and graphs (pdf).

Delores Carlito, General Reference Librarian

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